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Contract of public offer for the provision of hotel services


1.1. The contract of joining the contracts of public offer for the provision of services is a contract established by the Contractor in the contracts of public offer for the provision of hotel services, which can be included simply by joining the Customer to the proposed contract of public offers for services in general. hotel services, which were exhibited by the Contractor. The customer cannot offer its terms of the contract.
1.2. The moment of concluding the association agreement is the moment of payment by the Customer of the bill for the provision of services to hotels, which was released by the Contractor and crediting these funds to the current account of the Contractor or depositing these funds in the Contractor's cashier.
1.3. Hotel service - the action of the Contractor when placing the Customer or the Guest, provided that the rooms (places) for temporary accommodation in the apartment.
1.4. Customer and / or Guest (s) - the person (s) who (they) will use or actually used the hotel services. In the event that the identity of the guest / guest is displayed on behalf of the Customer, the Customer is not responsible for any actions / incapacity of the Guests who used the services in accordance with this Agreement on the basis of a reservation made by the Customer.
1.5. Services:
1.5.1. Temporary accommodation and accommodation, room service, except included in the price of rooms (Basic services) and other services related to temporary accommodation and accommodation, but not included in the price of rooms (Additional services), restaurant services, bar services, conference -services and other similar services that may join the Contractor.
1.5.2. Services of mass offices, spa, etc.
1.5.3. Services of equestrian sports complex.
1.6. A service order is a written request submitted by the Customer for the provision of services received by the Contractor as an original, fax or any other method provided for in this Agreement.
1.7. A joint order (order cancellation) is a refusal of the Customers from the services ordered from the Contractor in full.
1.8. Change of the order is a replacement by the Customer of the ordered services (or their parts) also, including: the changed persons for whom the Order is made by the Customer; change of the date of registration of arrival or departure; list of services and / or additional services.
1.9. Room reservation is the acceptance by the Contractor from the Customer of a preliminary reservation of rooms by means of their further use for temporary accommodation and provision of services in accordance with the order provided to the Contractor.
1.10. Reservation of services is the acceptance by the Contractor of previous orders of Customers for the provision of services in accordance with the submitted order.
1.11. The day of registration is the date of arrival of the Customer (Guests) to the Contractor.
1.12. Departure day is the departure data of the Customer (Guests) from the Contractor.
1.13. Check-in time is 15:00. - local time after which Guests are registered.
1.13. Settlement day (21 years) is a period of time from 15:00. of the current day until 12.00. the next day local time.
1.14. Check-out time is 12:00. (local time) when the Guest (s) / Customer must vacate the room on the day of eviction.
1.15. Early (morning) check-in is the registration of air traffic not earlier than 7 hours before the time of check-in, which is paid additionally. The cost of early registration is determined by the Contractor.
1.16. Late registration of air release is an eviction not later than 4 hours after the time of eviction, which is paid additionally. The amount is determined by the Contractor.
1.17. "Non-arrival" means the absence of refusal of the Customer to receive the ordered services offered under this Agreement and / or non-arrival of the Customer before the specified time.
1.18. The letter of guarantee is an official letter of the Customer, a legal guarantee of performance of the established communications of the Customer.
1.19. Trade secret - any information concerning the peculiarities of the Contractor's activity, methods of providing services, provision of the Contractor's material base.
2.1. Under this agreement, the Contractor undertakes to provide hotels and other services specified in Section 1 of this Agreement to the Customer or a third party - Guests who determine the Order in accordance with the booking order, in lei (hereinafter - the apartment).
3.1. The services specified in clause 1.5 of this Agreement shall be provided to the Contractor on the basis of an order previously submitted by the Customer when making a reservation.
3.2. Ordering (booking) of the Contractor's services is carried out by ordering the Order of booking the Contractor's services indicating the period of residence, date and time of air and air movement, number of seats and rooms, room categories, organizations and initiatives Customers or guests, children and their ages, additional beds also through the site, with a stable placement or by phone.
3.3. After receiving the order for booking services, the Contractor sends the Customer by fax, messenger or e-mail an invoice for payment.

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